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    How do I Download Licensed Adobe Stock Images?

    lbhansen Level 1

      I am new to using Ps, Ai, Lr and St. All of Cc really. As I work on developing my website and write posts for later publication, I am doing what I can to learn the Cc tools.


      In the past, I've used other stock image sources. When I license an image, I simply download it to my computer. That doesn't seem to be possible with St, or am I missing something?


      What I see is the only way to get at licensed images is to place them into a project in Ps or Ai. Since I am not at all comfortable with Adobe tools yet, I would like simply download images and do simple cropping and resizing in the tools I am comfortable with at the moment.


      What is the process for downloading licensed St images onto my computer? Until I am comfortable with Ps and Ai, this will be the best way for me  to get work done without a lot of frustration.


      Thank you.