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    What is this effect ? Kinetic typography


      Hello everybody,

      I’m a graphic design student and I have an animation of text to do on After Effects (kinetic typography).  The work of this artist inspires me a lot, but impossible to obtain similar results …


      I need your help! Do you know did he use as effect on AE to erase the text and have this rendering (0:09) ? I test the eraser tool.. And what is the effect/animation us to make this rendering on the text, this effect of beating ? I try to use wiggle + loopOut but that doesn’t make it good


      Thanks for your answers !

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Not sure what you are asking. This is all hand animation of shape layers/ mask paths with a few effects like Turbulent Displace thrown in. If you are serious about getting into motion design - get used to it. There isn't a magic button or automated solution for everything. Sometimes it takes hours to animate such shapes and tweak trhem with effects.