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    My DPD credits disappeared


      My Dollar Photo Club credits have disappeared from my account. I have not received any notice by email from the deadline to use my credits. I do not think this way to act is correct. I lost more than 100 credits because I did not know the exact date of their validity. In my account there was no deadline and I thought it was until the middle of April.

      I'm a little sad about how Adobe Stock acts. I saw that there are other clients in my situation and the way they eventually have the credits is to subscribe to a plan. I think it's a very bad way to treat customers.

      A simple e-mail had avoided all this misunderstanding. I think the solution would have been to give all the customers another month, to use the credits if they needed it and then to sign up for a new plan. This would be the correct way to solve the problem.

      Thanks for everything and goodbye Adobe.


      P.S .: Sorry for the bad English.

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          KanikaS Adobe Employee

          Hi Cribeiro34,


          I understand it must be painful for you to know about the DPC credits that have now expired.

          In order to reactivate the expired credits, kindly purchase any of the Stock plans available online.



          Adobe Stock pricing and membership plan | Adobe Stock


          You may also see the link shared below for more information:

          Stock photos, royalty-free images, graphics, vectors & videos | Adobe Stock



          Feel free to update the thread for any other query.

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            rgibbs001 Level 2

            I have a plan and my DPC credits have still expired!! I feel that my only solution to this entire DPC fiasco is to issue a money claim via the court service online in the UK to claim back the value of credits, subscriptions, damages and costs. I will also be requesting that the UK European Consumer Centre investigate this matter, as I believe Adobe were required by law to honour the original DPC contracts without alteration as part of their acquisition of Fotolia/DPC.

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              Sheena Kaul Adobe Employee

              Hi Rgibbs001,


              Sorry about the inconvenience.


              I see you have an active Stock subscription under the Adobe ID associated with forums. Since the subscription will renew today itself, DPC credits will be re-activated automatically. The credits will show up in your account within 2 weeks of renewal.


              Hope this information helps.


              You may also Contact Customer Care for any other help.




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                rgibbs001 Level 2

                I'm sorry Sheena, that's unacceptable, I'm not willing to wait two weeks, so either credit my account immediately, or agree to allow me to cancel today and give me a full refund on all unused DPC credits and Adobe credits and subscriptions without my incurring any penalties.

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                  cribeiro34 Level 1

                  I accept your sorry, but I continue to state that it would have been correct, that Adobe had sent the email in advance, to advise the expiration date of the credits.


                  Today, only today I received an email from adobe with the following content:


                  Subject:Your downloads will expire soon


                  Dear Adobe Stock member:


                  Your unused Dollar Photo Club image downloads will expire soon. You may log in to stock.adobe.com to use your credits or learn more about reactivation. For further questions, please contact 1800-800-040.



                  The Adobe Stock team


                  You find this situation normal. The customer is warned after no longer have possibility to access your downloads.


                  And your solution:
                  Buy a subscription to have access to already purchased credits.


                  I would subscribe to the future, never to the past. It is a matter of basic principle ..


                  Thanky you for your time and I will have to go to other places where I can be treated better





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                    Sheena Kaul Adobe Employee

                    Hi Cesar,


                    We already have this issue reported to our concerned team and I know it is not correct on our part to send an email after the expiration of credits. But you still have time to get back your DPC unused licenses back in your account by signing up to any Adobe Stock plan as on Adobe Stock pricing and membership plan | Adobe Stock


                    I will update you more on this concern.




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                      rgibbs001 Level 2

                      Hi Sheena.


                      You might not be aware but under UK and EU law Adobe is committing an offence by demanding former DPC customers are required to maintain a subscription to retain their DPC credits.


                      I have raised this issue with your J. Scott Evans, Adobe's Associate General Counsel, who is due to respond to this very issue today. I would therefore respectfully suggest you might not wish to further implicate Adobe in a matter where both the UK and the EU consumer bodies can levy substantial fines against Adobe, as they have done with Apple and Microsoft in the past, where those companies have similarly breached UK and EU consumer law.



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                        Sheena Kaul Adobe Employee

                        Hi Cesar,


                        We have a fix in place for your issue.


                        I would request you to Contact Customer Care and the agent will help you restore the credits back into your account.