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    video loop slow down


      I have a 6 sec video loop that I want to slow down by at least half. After I do it the way tutorials have said it is no longer a seamless loop.

      Any advise?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          And what tutorials are you referring to? What method do you use? What footage and composition settings? You are speaking in riddles and have to be much more specific.



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            Lomasean Level 1

            I am using a seamless graphic motion loop from Pond5 and want it slowed down without losing the seamless aspect. I am new to Ae.


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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I this is a video and not a composition then create a new composition from the video by dragging it to the new composition icon in the project panel, move the CTI to the last frame of the composition, which should correspond to the last frame of the video, and observe the frame number. If you can't see the frame number then Ctrl/Cmnd click on the time indicator in the time line. Now open up the composition settings and precisely double the frame count. If your original comp was 1291 frames then the new length would be 2582 frames.


              Now apply Time Remapping to the video layer. This will give you a time keyframe at the first frame and just past the last keyframe of the video. If you move the CTI to the keyframe by pressing the K key the comp panel will be empty (black). This is normal because the keyframe is inserted after the video has stopped playing. Here's the trick. Move back one frame (Ctrl/Cmnd + left arrow or Page UP) and set a new time keyframe for time remapping by pressing the diamond shaped icon in the timeline next to the keyframe indicator.. The value for that keyframe should be the same as the original comp length. Now delete the last time keyframe, move the CTI to the end of the comp (frame (2582 in my example) and then hold down the shift key and drag the last keyframe to the CTI and it will snap in place. The value of the keyframe will not change. All that is left to do is to reset the out point of the layer to the last frame of the comp. You can do that by pressing Alt/Option + ] or by dragging.


              Choose the most pleasing method of frame blending and render the new video. If the graphic loop has a transparent background then use the Lossless With Alpha preset that comes with the Output module in AE to render your new movie.

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                Lomasean Level 1

                Thank you for the help another question how do I export this into Photoshop for some effects or exported out as a different file to bring into a Wondershare converter to converted to an AVI or in Mp2




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                  Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Photoshop can import video files.

                  You can make an AVI via the AE's render queue or with Adobe Media Encoder. I don't know what Wondershare is, but I'm sure you can find an output format that works with it.