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    Font size mystery


      This is partially a Photoshop question and partially an After Effects question, so..


      I get Photoshop files from a client that I clean up and then bring into After Effects.  Sometimes I just copy/paste text directly from their PS file into native text layers in AE, but when I do this, the size never matches.


      Here is a stripped down Photoshop file with 2 text layers; One that originally came from the client's PS doc (though I've changed the font and content), called "broken one", and another that I made right next to it called "broken two":


      Text Mystery.psd:



      If you look at the text layers in Photoshop, they appear to have all the same properties.. same size, attributes, etc.


      Now bring this Photoshop into After Effects as a composition. Right-click each layer and do "Convert to Editable Text."  Now select the text in the "broken one" layer and note that its size has changed from 156 to 127.451, and the Scale of the layer has changed to 122.4. The text on "broken two" is 156, the size Photoshop says both layers should be, with no scaling.


      Apparently the first layer ('broken one') has been resized with Transform in Photoshop to make it bigger. Photoshop makes it look like the font size just got bigger, but really it's remembering the original size the text was created at plus a transform value on top of that, obscuring the transform from you. How can I "freeze" the transform of the text layer so it natively exists at the transformed size and is seen by AE correctly at 100% scale? Or am I simply stuck with copying/pasting font sizes, line spacing, etc. attributes from one to the other (a PITA as the real files I'm dealing with have tons of text at different sizes)