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    Unbelievable issue with Adobe Pro


      Hi all,

      After one hour of "help" from Adobe, I am directed to the forum!?

      Here is my nightmare: I have two user licenses TLP 4.5 (Government program). We installed the Adobe on users PC's a quite long time. During years we upgraded versions for bot users and ended with version XI. Now, users got new PC's (it's hospital) and I have to get it to the same version. A team of 3 spend almost 5-6 hours trying all different possibilities. But each ends with the same result:

      1. Install version 8.0 from CD and license it. English. No problems

      2. Try to upgrade ver 8.0 to ver XI, select English. Well (sic!!) we ended with Dutch (sic!) asking in Dutch for Adobe ID (we have End user ID, but not identified on Adobe license web site

      3. We tried all kind of installations, including ver XI, ... and we never get an error when we put the license. We always end up with Dutch (sic!! why Dutch??). and not being able to identify the issue

      4. Talk to Support 1800... They switch us to online support, they switch to proper licensing help desk and they switch to Forum. "It's old license"

      Anyone had this type of nightmare? Do we need to install 8.0 now and leave users with it? Or, do we need to advise users to learn Dutch?

      Kind regards