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    PE10 Menu Page - Main image off centre after burning DVD - how do I fix?


      Adobe Premier Elements 10

      PC - WIndows 7 Professional

      Plenty of RAM

      I have just starting using Menu with Chapter Pages, but when I upload an image for the the main Menu Page (via Browse), while it looks centered after

      importing into the heart shape, after burning it goes off centre.

      I have tried creating and using different file types including .jpeg, .pdf, gif, bmp, PSD, and even cropping them differently, e.g. into a square and they all burn similar, off centre, so that the image is partly missing as per example image below. Sometimes there is a black strip on the right hand side within the heart shape and the image is to the left of that, still off centre.  Does anyone know how to fix this problem please?

      Screenshot PE10 Menu Page showing image off centre.PNG