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    Action Script; somebody can do coding for me?

      We create videos, amongst others for advertising purposes. Short of just playing the video on the web, I want to interact with the viewers and receive answers to questions, which I can write to a database in the back. Our output format is FLash.
      Our distribution goes over a P2P network, (bit torrent like) so packets arrive from all over the place and the flv file gets reassembled just before viewing. We achieve a near live streaming effect, but the consequence for this project is that the solution must be very small, like an xml file size, or enbtirely embedded in the FLV file
      1- At a moment of my choice, I want to stop the video, circle or otherwise indicate some areas of the frame and ask a written question where the multiple choice answers (max 5) are inside these cirlced areas. The viewer clicks the cirlced area that shows his answer of choice. The result is written to an MySQL table on my server and the video continues.
      I want to have this in a template form which enables us the use the concept multiple times in different videos
      2- Same idea, but this time, the viewer stops the video and we record the frame number, afyter which the viewer writes a max 100 char message. Again the results are written to a database on my server.

      Any Action Script coder interested to make a few quick bucks ?