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    Spin Effect?


      I'm new to After Effects, but I was wondering if there is an effect like the old-school newspaper spinning towards you and it gets bigger. I want to take a single image and make it spin at a moderate speed or so. Is there such a thing in After Effects? Much appreciated, thanks!

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Real basic stuff here. Put your newspaper graphic in a composition, press the r key to bring up rotation and. set a key frame for rotation. Look for the 3D switch for the newspaper layer and activate it. Look for the motion blur switch for the newspaper layer and turn that on. Look for the Motion Blur Preview switch in the timeline and turn that on. I'm going to start familiarizing you with keyboard shortcuts. Press Alt/Option + p to set a position keyframe.


          Now move the CTI (current time indicator) down the timeline amount one and a half seconds. Press Shift + r to reveal the layer>Trassform>Rotation property and set the rotation to about 4 or 5 revolutions then fine tune the resting angle with the º value. To waste that keyframe to a stop with the keyframe selected press F9. Now find the Z position property and click and drag the z value to the left to move the layer closer to the active camera. When you get it positioned where you want it press F9 again to ease that keyframe. Preview and make adjustments as necessary.


          AE is all about layers and keyfrmaes. There is no plug-in or animation preset to do what you want to do.


          I hoe this helps and I hope you will go to the After Effects product page and review the tutorials that are there. Learn to use the search help field in AE. You'll be nothing but confused and waste a lot of time if you just start poking around in AE to try and figure things out.