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    correct program for xpj file?

    kmaddox1 Level 1
      I used to be able to double-click xpj files from Windows Explorer to start RH7. However, after uninstalling RH6 (which had been sitting dormant for months), I lost the file association for this file type. I tried right-clicking the file and selecting Open with... > Choose Program > Browse to reassociate it with the RH 7 .exe file (I selected Adobe > Adobe RoboHelp 7 > RoboHTML > RoboHtml.exe), but it wouldn't let me add the association. I was able to associate the file to the RHCL.exe program and create output...

      Note that I can still open the project from within RH so I don;t think there's anything really broken--I'd just want to be able to click on the file to launch the application like I used to. Do I need to reinstall RH7 to update the associations? How do I do that?