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    Older versions of photoshop?


      im looking for an older version of photoshop and am having trouble finding it legally. Is that still a thing I can do on this site? it has changed so much and I cant find anything anymore.


      so here's the thing, I only have photoshop elements 3, which I am super used to and comfortable with and there is not a lot of new stuff that makes me want to upgrade higher except i need to do some stuff in cmyk files and that is not an option in any elements version, so I figured the best solution to look into was buying the full version of cs3 then I can stay comfortable, not worry about killing my old jenky computer and upgrading the one part of photoshop that I need.


      So is there a way to do this still? Or is the latest version my only option if I want to use cmyk files over rgb?

      aside from paying $400 to buy an old used copy that someone bought in 2008 that has terrible reviews somehow for something that there was only supposed to have only one in stock. Im just hoping to find some real options.


      thanks in advance.