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    Why do public library books no longer open on Kobo e-reader?


      Have been successfully borrowing and reading public library books on my Kobo through Adobe Didgital Editions for years. Since February 2017 the books appear to load onto the e-reader but when I try to open the book to read, I get the message ["Oops! This Document couldn't be opened. This document is protected by Adobe Digital Rights Management (DRM) and is not currently authorized for use with your Adobe ID. Please sign-in with the authorized Adobe ID and try again. www.kobo.com/help".]  I have contacted Kobo for help - and was told to revert to the older version of ADE 3.0, this fix did not change anything. I took my computer & e-reader to a computer technician, they couldn't fix it either. My ADE says that my computer IS authorized.  I DO NOT know what else to do to fix this issue, can you HELP? PLEASE!

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          Based on recent issues with my Bluefire reader, 2 thoughts.


          1) contact Adobe support and request they reset your Adobe ID

          authorization. Important: a) do NOT tell them about which application you

          are using. It will only derail them, b) chances are the person will tell

          you either it can't be done (for any number of reasons) or they don't know

          how -- request tech support. If that person doesn't do it or won't transfer

          you, try with another support person. (It took me three attempts!) After

          they have reset, open app, de-authorize app, close app, restart app,

          re-authorize app. Test to see if that fixes the problem.


          2) If still not working, then your reader app may have run into the same

          problem mine did. The response I received from Bluefire support may be

          indicative of a similar problem and you may want to contact Kobo support

          and share the following from Bluefire:

          " We're able to reproduce the issue here with our local library which also

          uses Overdrive. It could be that something has changed on Overdrive's end

          which we'll need to address in our Windows app. I've logged a bug against

          the issue and I've talked with our development team about it. Once they

          have the time and resources, they'll work on resolving the issue as quickly

          as possible."

          Note: this is an Overdrive specific problem and it may be your library is

          also using Overdrive to provide your library with digital media service.