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    Layers and Symbols


      When can we expect the layers and symbols panel update in Windows as well? It has been available for mac for a good amount of time now! and i think it will be better if we can have a update on when it will be available for windows users as well!

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          jonathanp Level 1



          I understand how not having access to Layers and the ability to create Symbols on Win can be a bit frustrating. I want to assure you that we hear you and are actively working on adding support for Layers and Symbols on Windows. With our ongoing monthly releases, you can expect to see these features soon on Windows.


          Jonathan Pimento
          Product Manager - Adobe XD

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            Thanks for the update Jonathan.


            Without Layers (and Symbols to a little lesser degree), the Windows version is pretty useless, besides a little playing around.  So we've actually quit using it until those features are added.  We are all hoping it's soon.