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    File Format Which Retains Settings?

      Note: Using Fireworks CS3

      I'm new to using Fireworks but began using it to make a website mockup and create the site images. One thing that I noticed and do not like is whenever I save a file and open it again, any filters seem to become part of the image itself, rather than staying listed as filters that you can turn on and off. For example, if I have a rectangle and add a drop shadow to it, everything works fine until I save the file and reopen it. At which point, the filter list is empty, but the drop shadow is still there - it's part of the image.

      Whenever I save a file, it defaults to PNG. However, I also tried using PSD file format instead by going to save as. This seems to save the filters and I can modify them later on. However, this format does not retain slices created to export various pieces of the image.

      Is there a method or file format in Fireworks that will retain drawn slices and retain other various things such as filters? Right now, it seems that I must save a PSD file to save for editing, but whenever I want to finally break it up into various bits for a web design, I have to re-slice it every time - even if the slices are the exact same as they were before any modifications.