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    Uninstall Creative Cloud


      I am getting a new computer and I was told I'd have to uninstall CC Photoshop from the old one because I can run CC Photoshop on one computer only with the subscription I have.  When I tried to use the Uninstall CC in my finder window, it stated that I still have some CC apps on my computer and I would have to uninstall them before I could uninstall the Creative Cloud app.  So I went through and uninstalled all the Creative Cloud apps that I could see in my Application folder in Finder.  Then I went back and tried to run the Uninstall app for Adobe Creative Cloud.  I'm still getting the message that it can't uninstall Creative Cloud because I have some CC apps on my computer that need the Creative Cloud app to run.  What am I doing wrong?  I just want to be sure that I can install Photoshop CC when I hook up my new iMac.