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    How to use Object Model


      We are evaluating the Adobe Captivate software and we are in the process of identifying on how to use the Object model to record the screen Programmatically. Do you have any idea on how to do this using the captivate object model? We have a custom application and we want to activate the recording by clicking a button in our page. Kindly help. Thanks.

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Welcome to our community, Eric

          Likely that is something only the Captivate development team would be able to assist with. I'm doubtful you will be very successful in implementing this. For one thing, I would think that the development team would be somewhat reluctant to assist with a solution that would seemingly make it appear that you or your company had created Captivate as your own application.

          Out of curiosity, why do you wish to avoid using the Captivate user interface?

          Cheers... Rick
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            Exploits21 Level 1
            Hi Captiv8r / Rick,

            Thanks for your answer,

            Actually, we have a web application that utilize the WME (Windows Media Encoder) to record a video from the client side by just clicking a button on our web page. That button has the application logic to start the recording of his screen via calling some "methods" on the WME dll files via object model (API). Now, we are looking for some possible solutions on how we can implement the same thing using the Adobe Captivate software or how we can utilize adobe captivate to be able to integrate this software within our web application.

            Do you have any suggestions on how we can leverage the benefits of adobe captivate in a custom web application? Thanks.