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    Simple Blinking effect in Flash ???

    miss-charlotte Level 1
      Hi, i'm trying to a very simple nose blinking affect on a reindeer.
      It's basically a red vector circle that i want to go off and on.
      When i import frames from Illustrator and Photoshop I get a red screen when i export and test it in Flash
      Can someone help me - or let me know there is a script i can download?
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          Walter Elias Level 2
          Create your red vector circle directly in Flash. It's much more economic that way with file size, and will produce better image quality.

          I assume your reindeer is also an imported graphic. Put it on one layer. Lock that layer.

          Now create a new blank layer above the reindeer layer. Draw the red vector circle in that layer, exactly where you want it.

          Select just the whole red circle and hit the F8 key. Make it into a MovieClip (not a Graphic or Button).

          Now double-click on the red circle movie clip. This takes you inside the movie clip. The red circle should be on a single frame.

          Highlight the next frame and hit the F7 key or right-click "Insert blank keyframe"

          Now test your movie. You should have a reindeer with a blinking nose.
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            miss-charlotte Level 1
            Walter! Great.
            Thank you thank you!!!
            I'm on my way!