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    Canon 5d mk iV corruption issues


      I purchased a Canon 5D4 & upgraded PS & LR to CC. Everything was working well with import & export, but over the last 4 weeks I have had 5/6 images which have corrupted on export. It has come up with " unable to read CR2 file" , so I've had to re-import file, edit & re-export again.
      I've export the full-size files, fine, go to export the internet sized files & it can happen. Today it wouldn't read the CR2 file to re-import so I had to do it from the back-up drive.
      Is anyone else having this issue. It's not happening to any other file from the Canon 5d3, Sony A7s or A7ii, just the Canon 5D4.


      Want to see if it's LR issue or camera issue.


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