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    Contact form

    Ramblerkat Level 1

      Hello, all of a sudden my contact form on my adobe muse websites quit working.  I receive the message "The server encountered an error".   At first I received this message "2 Warnings

      Form Contact Us Form is configured with an email address of theknottedbranch@gmail.com, which does not match the server name theknottedbranch.com. Some hosting providers refuse to send emails from email addresses on different hosts. If submitting your form does not send email as expected, change the first email address listed in your Muse form to an address on theknottedbranch.com and try again.

      Unexpected response to PHP query. PHP may not be configured correctly on your web server. Contact your hosting provider or website administrator about how to configure PHP support."


      So I changed the email address to my email address with the server.  ramblerkat@theknottedbranch.com   I have also tried theknottedbranch@theknottedbranch.com  both are valid email addresses.  I tried ramblerkat@gmail.com  nothing works. 


      Help please and thanks.