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    Variable colors in Fireworks


      I'm creating some simple logo in Fireworks, it's a two color letter combination, but I'll like to have the chance to change both colors to dynamically to decide which combination works best. For instance, now it has green and blue, in this color there are letters, drawings, boxes, etc... I'll like to chance blue for brown to see how it looks, but right now I have to go ahead and replace the color in every object. Is there a way to say "replace all blues with browns" and apply that to every blue object?
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          heathrowe Most Valuable Participant
          Edit > Find and Replace and choose the Find Color option from the drop down option.


          Go Window > Other > Color Palette and in the Mixers Tab, set Color Pallet 1 swatches as object colors you want to change, then adjust Color Pallette 2 to colors you want 1 to change to - then click the Replace Color icon to commit change across multiple objects.