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    Making a website to help with choosing the colour of a bike - please help me :D

      Hello I am trying to make a website where you can take conponents of a bike and change their colour

      there are about 17 conponents that I want to be able to change the colour of e.g. frame colour and seat colour.
      and I want to have 10 - 20 colours

      the number of combinations would be huge, so to have that many pictures, with a link to each is probs not the best solution by far.

      I was planning on having a more interaction site, where when a colour or conponent is selected, it changes in front of you - any ideas how I could do this?

      prehaps a simple solution would be to have a range of buttons, that when selected display a different coloured conponent - how do I make a button that when pressed reveals say a coloured box and doesnt dissapear when the mouse is moved away from the button - is this the hit feature? if so how do I make it work!?

      Any help would be fantastic

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          The hit feature of a button defines the area that you can click to make a button work beyond what lives in the other 3 frames. For instance, say you have a small round graphic that you want to use as a button, and that's all you want to show, but it's really too small to easily target with a mouse. You can draw a larger circle in the hit frame so that this small looking button isn't as small as it looks.

          Buttons cannot hold a state though. For what you want to do, you would need to use a movieclip and treat it like a button, so that when you click on it, it moves to a particular frame and stays there.
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            Sw Jiten
            Simon :

            The best way you can do it, is firs, to prepare several colors of the same bike : you achieve this changing the Hue/Saturation properties in photoshop, so you are going to create, as an example, 7 different colors (the main colors) you have in stock.

            Then you create independent Movieclips for each one, this won't load too much your memory since you can make independent SWF's which are going to be called on pressing the "color button" using the "LoadMovie" actionscript property. Remember, when you create the button, you just create small squares orange, blue, red, yellow, green, etc etc.. so when you click on them, the color they show is the color that will call the bike.

            You have a good example here on using LoadMovie, there are even more googling around :


            P.D.: There is another way, to try to apply colors with Actionscript, but forget about it, because since the bike pictures have shadows and shiny parts, this "filling color" way is not going to fit well. I justed wanted to mention this, I wouldn't try this way...