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    Trouble getting the Flash Developer and Player to work


      Hello people!


      We have one big problem with the Flash Developer: it doesn't show the game (we're making an AS3 game)...


      To fix it we looked in two ways at it:


      So we have a problem: we have Flash Developer, but when we go to Bin --> Index and right click and open with a browser, we get a message that we don't have Flash player. It directs us to a link where we can download it. We downloaded it, but it still showed the message. When we again went to the website where you can download Flash Player, it said we had it installed, but NOT enabled. So we looked how to enable the Flash Player, and sites said that we had to go to Chrome:plugins and click on the enable button. But there is no enable button.  Is there a way we can fix this thing with the Flash Player?


      Furthermore friends of us said we need to use an SDK. We downloaded Adobe Flash Flex SDK 4.6, we even unzipped the zip map, but we can't see in the Project --> Properties --> SDK the SDK we downloaded. Is the SDK necessary, and if so, what do we wrong and what do we need to do with it?


      Could you people help us? If so, please in simple language because the other Adobe help pages were not clear to us, at all.


      Thank you very much!