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    InDesign freezes (beachball) on almost every action. Even when just looking.


      Hi guys,


      Somehow my InDesign (latest, CC 2017) freezes (showing spinning beachball) on Mac at almost every action. When selecting a textbox, clicking on the menu, changing a font size, adding a new paragraph or CMD-tabbing between two applications. In fact, even when moving my mouse sometimes makes InDesign freeze. I already disabled 'Recent Items' and 'Preflight', set Preview to Typical, but the issue still persists. I wish I could offer some more tracks to narrow down the issue, but I'm afraid I can't.


      I also already reinstalled InDesign and removed preferences, both before and after reinstalling. Without luck. It seems, however, that the issue persists more often on documents already in progress, compared to newly created documents.


      My current document is about 150 pages large, contains about 20 different paragraph styles, 15K of text and primarily uses continued text boxes for a whole story. Those continued text boxes are about 2-5K of words. Just a few graphics.


      I'm running InDesign (latest) on a MacBook Pro 15" 2016 model (latest) with Sierra (latest).