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    Exporting Picture



      I Am very new at lightrom so this may be a function that not is in.

      Have now gotten the full LR cause of picture sorting and editing. I have not much place on my ssd drive so i have the originale picture saved on the server/ cloud.


      I am now using a sync program to take down just the files I am using, and than Importing it in to lightroom.


      My plan is to open the picture, edit and delete that thins i dont need, have the catalog file in the down synced folder (this is not imoortant), and "replace" the picture in exporting when i am finish. So when I Than is in export settings I have "overwrite without a warning" and the file "as original".


      When i than click the folder that I am finish with, I export them, and i than get the "this file is already contained in this folder". Obvious cause they are.

      When i Now get in to this folder, and open the file that I have exported, nothing is canged? Not the color, not the light, or exposer for that matter.


      When i now have tryed several possebilities, and just took "drag and drop" method, the same happened. I than tried to export with different sixe, and than the size is different, but all the other settings is not changed? Is this someting that LR don´t do?


      I Using Lightroom 6, and have a MacBook Pro OSX Sierra.

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          ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

          In the Export dialog, the export file type "as original" is badly phrased. When you pick this option, you are exporting the original file in the original file format with no edits. To export your edits, you need to pick JPG or TIF as the file format.


          If I am reading your description of events correctly, you really need to rethink your work flow.

          You appear to be overwriting the original files with the exported files. This is a very bad thing.

          You should have your original files and the exported files in separate folders.

          Since the exported files can be exported again at any time, you do not need to store them after you use them for whatever purpose you are exporting them for.


          Your catalog should be located outside the folders used by your cloud sync service since this will cause lots of files to be uploaded that you don't want uploaded.

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            espeng32017528 Level 1

            So as original would say littarly as orginal. Ok. Than I know that.

            2 reasons why i want to do do it like that. Space, and that i realy don´t need the original, since they are not looking like i want. But i will think one more time over it. thnx.

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              ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

              The problem with destroying the original file is that you cannot ever go back into LR and change any of the edits.


              On the other hand if you delete the separate exported files after you use them or upload them to a website or whatever you wanted to do with them, you get back the space used by the new file and can recreate the exported file any time you need it again.