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    How can set a Font not install on PC in Indesign CS3?

    daitranthanhoa Level 1

      2 fonts: VNI-Times, A-OTF 中ゴシックBBB Pr6N not install on my PC.

      Font [VNI-Times] : If i copy a TextFrame has font  [VNI-Times] to my document, I can set font  [VNI-Times]  to my text.

      Font [A-OTF 中ゴシックBBB Pr6N]: although i copy TextFrame has font  [A-OTF 中ゴシックBBB Pr6N] to my document, but i still can't set font  [A-OTF 中ゴシックBBB Pr6N] to my text.


      How can set a Font not install on PC in Indesign CS3?

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          Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi, do you mean:
          How can a font, that is not installed in the system or is not available to InDesign be assigned to e.g. a paragraph style by scripting?
          If directly assigning the not available font is not working I would create a paragraph style with a font that is available. Format some text with it and export that frame to an INX snippet file.

          Then edit the underlying XML structure of the INX snippet file by whatever means may fit: Find the paragraph style name in the snippet and change the property value to your desired font name and font weight.


          In a next step you would rename the paragraph style in your InDesign document and then import the edited snippet.
          After that you could replace the renamed style with the new style imported by the snippet. After that you should be able to assign the paragraph style to text.


          Use the same method if you want to use a character style.
          Without using paragraph or character styles? Don't know if that's possible at all…