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    UIScrollbar size problem

    jjsand28 Level 1
      Hello all,

      I have what seems to be a strange issue with a scrollbar attached to a text field. I am importing XML child objects to display testimonials. Because of the limited space in the site layout, and that some of the testimonials can be quite long, I dynamically resize the text field to fit in the space and the scrollbar takes care of the rest.

      The problem I am having is when the file initially loads, sometimes, but not all the time, the scrollbar's length is not enough to be able to display all the text that is loaded. In other words, when you reach the bottom the text is obviously cut off. The testimonial refreshes with a new one every 2 minutes and those seem to scale properly. Just not the first.

      Was wondering if anyone has run into this problem before or if it could be my dynamic resizing of the text field that is causing it.

      You can see an example at this link

      I have attached the code below where I think the issue lies, if anyone would like to see more please ask. it's quite long and I didn't want to post the whole thing if not needed.

      Thank you in advance and i hope someone can help me.