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    cannot subscribe to build in the cloud thingy

    orgCrisium Level 1

      I'm at the point where I want to use the adobe phonegap build. So I try to subscribe only to get a message "system error and if you want to continue your order call...." ... so I call the number, just to get some India call service guy that knows nothing and can do nothing. Why does the phonegap error message tell me to call a number were nobody knows nothing?!

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          vangroover Adobe Employee

          did that occur from https://build.phonegap.com/plans/paid ?


          can you please try again? when you went to the checkout page was it localised in danish? as your country should be supported by the checkout.

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            I have a similar issue and cannot order by creditcard for country "Germany".


            Error Message:


            This page is about to refreshWe're about to update this page to show you appropriate pricing and all available payment methods for your selection. That means you'll lose any info you've entered above.


            After that I get a message in german:


            Leider ist ein Systemfehler aufgetreten.

            Um den Kauf sofort abzuschließen, rufen Sie den Adobe-Telefonvertrieb unter 0800 7522580 an, um Ihre Bestellung aufzugeben.


            "Unfortunately, a system error has occurred. To complete the purchase immediately, call the Adobe sales office at 0800 7522580 to place your order."

            Might it be in general impossible to order by web for a german customer?

            THX for a quick response.