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    Adobe Muse Update Too many Domains Error please HELP!!

    cod52486683 Level 1


      I keep getting an error every time i try to preview this muse site. Stating that "Adobe Muse has encountered an error and will now exit. Please report the last few actions you took leading to this error to the Adobe muse CC team. too many domains"


      This only happens as far as i know to the file uploaded to this email. I have also tried coping any of the assets in this template and placing it in a completely new site and i keep getting the same error, even if it is just one item. Please let me know whats going on. This just started happening as soon as i update my adobe muse. it was not happening before. and it has not happened to any other site or templates just this one and any assets in it. even if tis just a text it will shut me down. even when i change the name it still happens


      I have tried to uninstall and reinstall and am having the same issues. please please please if someone can fix this cause its been 2 days and i dont know what else to do and i need to finish this asap

      i can email the file if need please respond adobe