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    Relink large doc no statusbar update and dialog shows icon previews while on finder they are disabled


      Hi all,


      we've recently migrated to a new server at work and joined two image banks (each 15000 items) into one. While finder responds pretty much equal when opening the new image bank with 30000 items we encounter problems relinking our large indesign catalog documents (60 pages 550 links).


      When i select the top image only in my Links Panel and click relink it's like Indesign freezes for a couple of minutes when the dialog box opens on the image bank. Even when we have disabled/unchecked "Show Icon Previews" on the finder, the Indesign dialog to relink/save/open always generates previews. Is there anyway to make it stop doing this and honor the finder setting? Surely generating 30000 previews each time isn't ideal?


      Then when Indesign finally unfreezes and i'm able to select the correct file - it continues to search for the rest of the links in that folder. Usually you then see a statusbar go from left to right with each file it finds and relinks. This doesn't happen for some reason. I just get the multicolored spinning beach ball, and an empty statusbar, making it look like the app freezes again. I've checked the indesign process in activity monitor while it's relinking and under 'Open Files and ports' i can see it crashes multiple times (sometimes as much as 130 times while relinking). If you wait long enough - pretty much in the dark - it pulls through and document is relinked.


      If anyone has an idea how to remedy this, i'd love to hear it, because working like this is really troublesome and taking me double the amount of time.