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    Updating Links deletes Style Mapping


      I have an InDesign file set up with 6 different alternate layouts using the same text. I have Paragraph styles for each layout, and have tried several ways to attempt to be able to update the text without doing it 6 times for each size and orientation in the document. I have the same problem no matter how I construct the document-if I allow the text to update, wether it's a "child" alternate layout tied to a "parent" layout, or wether I use style mapping when linking the same document to each layout; every time I update the text, the paragraph styling is lost. If it's a parent/child page relationship, the updated text styles with the parent pages style sheets, not the one for the size of the layout it's in. If I'm linking to a Word document, the style mapping disappears. Use linked content features in InDesign does not cover this issue. I can't find it anywhere, not on the forums, not Googling. I can't be the only person with this issue!

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          BarbBinder Adobe Community Professional

          I can't be the only person with this issue!

          In my experience, since DPS moved to an enterprise solution, a lot of us aren't doing much with Alternate Layouts anymore.


          That said, I played around with the question. Here is my workflow, and results:


          This is a 2-page spread with a linked story (word doc):

          InDesign CCss_003.png

          I created an alternate layout with the default settings, including Link Stories and Copy Text Styles to a New Style Group.

          InDesign CCss_004.png

          Here's the second layout. Click on the image to enlarge. Note the new style group, and that this new file is a Internal Linked Story.

          InDesign CCss_005.png

          I went back to the Word doc, which has the exact same style names and changed "Premium" to "BEST" on the first line, and saved the file.

          Microsoft Wordss_001.png

          InDesign indicates that the original file is out of date. I Alt/Opt clicked on Update Link to update all linked files.

          InDesign CCss_006.png

          Both files updated simultaneously. No formatting was lost.

          InDesign CCss_007.png

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            Cindy1643 Level 1

            Your reply is awesome, thank you for the great screen shots!


            I think the problem is I had style sheets that I applied to the various layouts instead of using the one InDesign generated. InDesign automatically generated paragraphs with incredibly confusing names since I have A LOT of different alternate layouts for this one job. (Every week I need to have a poster, a flyer, little things that fit into an insert on the napkin holders in the cafeteria, an ad for the newspaper, social media squares and a web banner, all with exactly the same text.) I wanted to go and re-create the file using the automatically generated style sheets that I edited to where they work for that layout, but I just have been too swamped to do that yet. I did want to reply to thank you for your very thorough and helpful response. I think if you had just described it, my reaction would have been "but I already tried that," but looking at your visuals I think I've realized why mine didn't work. I'll post again once I've tested with the monster document I need to update every week.

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              BarbBinder Adobe Community Professional

              I'm glad I could help, Cindy.