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    Combine two expressions for one element

    THExDUKE Level 1

      Hello community,


      I have several objects where I have parented the transform y to a null object. But I also have to limit the different y values for each object individually. So I have the parent code: comp("00_MASTER").layer("Null 5").transform.yPosition and the clamp code: clamp(value,152,521).

      But since they are both on the transform y, I have difficulties to get them both run at once. How should I put them both in one?


      comp("00_TAIL_BEHIND_NEEDLE_MASTER").layer("Null 5").transform.yPosition;



      Do they need to be separted by a semicolon or a comma? I don´t get it.

      I highly appretiate any helpful hints.


      Thanks in advance