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    Sync Settings dialog window is hidden off-screen. How do I fix this?


      Hi everyone.
      Some time over the last month, my Lightroom "Sync Settings" window started appearing outside of the visible screen area.
      I use it whenever i have multiple shots to edit that were taken in the same area of a room, under the same conditions. I'll edit the first image to my liking, then select the others & click the the "Sync..." button in the lower right-hand corner.


      Recently, the dialog window that gives me the option to choose which settings I would like to copy started popping up outside the visible area, and the only way to get back to the main Lightroom workspace is to just his Enter on the keyboard and accept all changes.


      Normally if this happens with an application in windows, I can right-click the app's icon on the Windows taskbar and select move, then use the arrow keys or mouse to get it back within view. Unfortunately this is happening with one window within the Lightroom application.


      Is there a way to reset the window's last location, or have Lightroom forget where the window was positioned last?


      Thanks for any help given.