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    Mac Updates?


      I'm a Mac user and while I understand the need to support both Windows and Mac, I am completely dissapointed that the XD team has not provided any significant feature updates to Mac users in a few months! Opening up commenting without an Adobe ID is helpful but we need to see more of the feautures coming forth that are listed on uservoicer. I've commited to using XD for a few projects but perhaps that decision was pre-mature? I NEED MORE DESIGN FEATURES because the lack thereof is making for a very inefficient work flow. At minimum, Adobe should inform (Mac/Windows) users of which platform specific features are coming and when (targeted month of delivery). Then, we can plan accordingly.

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          It's super frustrating for anyone who was initially excited about XD, but has seen zero progress in the past 4 months. A statement indicating that they are going to focus on Windows in the next few months. Meanwhile, there is a slew of very basic deal-breaker features missing that make it unusable for most Mac users. I'm going to start investing in Sketch, as I don't see much work or transparency about where XD is going for Mac folks.

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            elainecc Adobe Employee

            Hey, guys-


            We totally get your frustration, and all I can tell you is: "hang in there." While we peeled off a significant portion of our team to work on getting Windows 10 features aligned with our Mac product, we are also heavily in some long-range plans... some of which will come to fruition in the upcoming year. We shared some of that vision at Adobe MAX (around minute 21:30) last November, and these features often take a year or more to build out. We've already been releasing the foundational pieces in the product, though that progress has been invisible to you guys.


            While we can't give you a specific date (trust me, we've been burnt by this one before), we can say that you'll begin to see new features for Mac and Windows -- probably small but powerful improvements at first -- in the upcoming months.


            I'm working with our team to get a blog post together to go into a deeper explanation. Watch the Creative Cloud blog for an update.





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              Wil@Exostar Level 1

              Elain thanks for the quick response. I can live with "small but powerful improvements at first". I'm been excited about this product and where I believe it is headed. I've also been using it for over a year so I'm chomping at the bit for more!

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                Cy233 Level 3

                Windows users have had to wait for the best part of a year without ANYTHING. Windows users have only just got XD a few months ago and still don't have basic features like layers and symbols. I'd be thrilled to have layers and symbols.


                I know Mac users want more, more, more but fair's fair. Windows users NEED to get the basics before Mac people get more bells and whistles. If Mac users don't like using products still in beta, you always have Sketch. Windows users don't have that luxury.


                Thanks Elaine and team for giving Windows users the love and attention we so rightly (and humbly) deserve.

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                  joef48093799 Level 1

                  Thanks Elaine. Totally appreciate you taking the time to reply and provide some feedback. It's such a great product and you and your team are killing it. I think a lot of the frustration for Mac users is that there are a few essential, key features (for me it's the most requested, Layout Grids - for others it might be having sticky, non-scrolling elements, etc.) that would help immensely with their workflow and not having a ballpark idea of when they might expect to see those things being released. In my scenario, and many others, I use (column/gutter) grids in all of my designs and need to use a workaround in XD. Then, I see that as the most requested feature, a mention by the admin back in August 2016 saying it's in the works, and then 7 months later - nothing. It's understandable that there are a ton of other things to tackle simultaneously, so maybe it's just a lack of patience. But it would be nice to have some tangible idea - whether we're looking at 3 months or another 9 months or whatever. Thanks!

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                    elainecc Adobe Employee

                    I can tell you guys that layout grids remain (really) high on our priority list, and I'm personally pushing forward on that specific feature.



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                      We have some projects coming up that we want to show to our clients we are building the prototype  and having it up and running on our mobilesto show  but the lack of features like a sticky top bar while the content can be scrolled is still on most of the user's wish list...I have already switched over to Sketch and some other smaller wireframe software

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                        Wil@Exostar Level 1

                        Well stated my friend.

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                          ok we understand but as most of us who use this tool work in some sort of version of software weather that be app or web, just need to sign post better that you intended to move focus to windows to bring both up to parody then move forward in parrrell. so its all about better communications guys, and lastly where on ether is the data design peace that was promised been looking forward to that from day one. And with incisions plugin and sketch working together they starting to deliver a lot of what Adobe is offering we need to get a move on.... and also intergrate adobe stock image please.