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    ADE 4.5 does not see my Sony Reader


      I just installed ADE 4.5, but it does not see my Sony Reader when I connect it. A device authorization screen does not pop-up, even when I type CTL + SHFT + E. I was using ADE 3.0 before, and it could see my Sony. I had to upgrade because of my book vendor, Kobo, requested it so my new puchases could be downloaded to my computer. In order to download the books, I had to deauthorize and reauthorize the computer. I did this using regedit, following a procedure from this forum. It suggested deleting the key and the DEVICE directory, which I did (and probably is the cause of my problem).


      Now, ADE does communicate with my Kobo library and allows me to transfer books to my computer, but that is not where I read them. I want to load them on my Sony Reader. Any advice?