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    Lightroom is not syncing with iPad




      My lightroom was working and syncing fine until just recently.  The desktop LR shows that I have a few thousand photos to sync and the number doesn't move. 

      I checked the Adobe online and the photos show up and say that sync wasn't finished.  How do I get them to start syncing?


      I have checked to see that nothing is paused.  I've logged out, restarted the apps, and the computer. 


      I am not sure I want to delete all data from LR mobile as I have made quite a few edits on LR mobile as well before I realised that it was not syncing.  (I edit on mobile when out and about and then on desktop when at home.)  I didn't notice it wasn't syncing until I deleted the rejected photos on my desktop to clear up space and noticed that the photos were still showing up on my mobile.  Please help!