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    Help with action script 2.0

      I'm a beginner with flash. I created a flash file on my own. I also created a flash file using a slideshow program. Generally I like this program. I can insert them into my html with no problem.

      I want to load the slideshow.swf file into an empty movie clip in the flash file I created called products.swf. It works fine using

      loadMovie("slideshow.swf", call_mb_slideshow); (where call_mb_slideshow is a empty movieclip.)

      as long as the all the files are in the same folder. But, I need the products.swf file with the empty movieclip to be in the parent folder AND I need the slideshow.swf and the slideshow.xml file to be in a child folder call musicbox_slideshow. When I change the code to this:

      loadMovie("musicbox_slideshow/slideshow.swf", call_mb_slideshow);

      It loads the slideshow.swf file into the movieclip fine, BUT it doesn't know where to find the slideshow.xml file that loads the pictures into the slideshow. It looks for it in the parent folder, not the child folder.

      How do I write the script in products.swf so that it knows where the slideshow.xml file is? I cannot change the slideshow.swf file code in any way. I need to do it from products.swf.