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    Word or Character Wrap in Text Frame without Space Characters or Hyphenation

    josh55205112 Level 1

      Caveat: Googling the discussion title yields many results, but does not interpret what I'm asking, the way I intend. I've tried to clarify the problem in question by attaching two screen shots to this post, please refer to these if needed. 


      Question: Is there a way to make words or characters (glyphs) wrap to a text frame's edge when hyphenation is turned off?


      Screen Shot 1: shows filling a text frame without any space characters, with hyphenation turned on. Here InDesign makes the decision of where to hyphenate a line.


      Screen Shot 2: the same text frame as SS1 with hyphenation turned off. Here InDesign will consider any lines that do not fit as overset text, showing the overset text icon in the bottom right of the text frame.


      screen_shot_1.png screen_shot_2.png