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    Problems opening After Effects

    maladjustedmark Level 1

      Good evening all, long time listener, first time caller here. As a bit of a novice I am hoping to be in hands as safe as they feel here.


      I am running AE CC 2017.1 on my HP Zbook 17 G2 (windows 7 64bit) for my 3D animation and modelling postgrad. All relatively new so no memory issue- have been using AE fine from the creative cloud for a number of months.


      I have tried to fire it up this week and am continually presented with the attached image, and my whole system freezes.error.jpg


      I am using version 373.06 of the NVIDIA drivers- I'm assuming these automatically updated at some point.


      I have avoided trying anything so far like trying to install an earlier NVIDIA driver, and have not tried any workarounds such as managing the 3D settings in the NVIDIA control panel as this seems to be something that would need to be done before every use of AE.


      I would appreciate any help- I am new pretty much all of this having only really dealt in 2d hand drawn animation previously- I'm just glad I don't have a deadline to meet on top of my meltdown,


      Please, have at it.


      Many thanks in advance and I apologise if I have omitted anything useful.