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    Save frame as jpg whthout contour




      How can i save frame witout contour.

      For example:

      1. remember contour thickness

      2. set contoru thickness = 0

      3. save frame as jpg

      var exportFile = new File('d:\\test.jpg');

      graphics[i].parent.exportFile(ExportFormat.JPG, exportFile);

      4. restore contour thickness


      Thanks for advice

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          Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi Robert,

          as Karti already pointed out here:How can i change rectangle contour the property is strokeWeight.


          FWIW: Setting the strokeWeight to zero, export and resetting the strokeWeight to its old value is no good idea.

          You would have to memorize all other properties of a stroke to make that work without issues.

          What could go wrong? The color of the stroke could change after resetting the weight.

          And some other properties of a stroke could be changed as well.


          What can go wrong will depend ( for example ) on the activate object style in the Object Styles panel.


          Too much to memorize…

          So I would do it differently.


          Do a duplicate of the graphic container and work with that.
          Reset strokeWeight of the duplicate to 0 .

          Export the duplicate.

          Remove the duplicate.


          See Jongware's resource for older versions like CS5.5:

          Indesign JavaScript Help