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    How to turn off booklet printing

    rhinogulius Level 1

      I am using InDesign CC and I am a freelancer. I received a job for a very simple booklet to which I need to make edits and there is an extra/blank page that I need to delete but every time I try to delete it, InDesign adds it back. So after a brief internet search, I realized that the job was set up to print as a booklet and InDesign was adding the blank pages to keep the page count to multiples of 4. The only catch is, this job no longer needs to be printed - it is for online only - and therefore the page count does not matter. How can I override the booklet printing setting to which this job is defaulting? Is it in the "File > Print Booklet" window? If so, do I really have to print it in order to turn off this feature? I've got to be missing something.


      Thanks for any help.