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    ADE Oops message


      So my ADE worked fine for the first library books. then I keenly returned four within hours and set to reading a longer one. In the meantime, a short book that I requested came up and I plugged in my Kobo H2O, ready to load the new book on. 


      I got a message. "Oops, this content cannot be read because.......adobe ID"


      i have tried everything. Uninstalled ADE. Reinstalled ADE. Unauthorized my Kobo. Reauthorizes my Kobo. now the book I was happily reading works no more. HELP!


      I have had a Kobo for a month and honestly in a tie with Kindle the bonus was that I could read library books. It seems that was a stretch.


      Oh, and let's not forget that the Adobe HELP does not HELP for free product like ADE.   Ummm...what???