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    Error while attempting to publish in RH7

      Hi everyone,

      We just recently upgraded from RH6 to RH7 and in attempting to publish one of my converted projects I have received an error message during the first few seconds of the publication process which reads "Publishing has been canceled. Failed to create file: cshdat_robohelp.htm." I could not locate any other occurences of this message in the forums nor out on the www, any suggestions? I am running on my local machine and still have RH6 on my other system which publishes this same project without error, very slowly, but without a problem.

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Try publishing to a different folder.

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            ginterd Level 1
            Thanks Peter,

            That appears to have been the problem, I was attempting to publish my projects from RoboHelp 7 as part of a test to a test intranet environment rather than our companies live intranet to ensure that our projects which have been extremely problematic over the past year in RoboHelp 6 would run smoothly in version 7. After numerous failed attempts of using this testing environment, changing the output folders in RH, etc, I changed the server information in RH to the live region and published without a hitch. I will be so glad when I can finally get rid of RH 6 and move over to RH 7 permanently So far I'm very impressed with RH 7's response time as I did a side by side comparision of the two programs with my same project file (both backup copies of it) and what took me 6.5 hours in RH6 only took me 40 mins in RH7.

            Thanks again,