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    accesing video frames in flex

      It seems like using the VideoDisplay object in Flex I can seek to a particular time in a video using the playheadtime variable. I need to be able to seek to a particular frame without error and this leads to a couple of questions:

      1)When changing the playheadtime to the desired time, does it move it to that particular time in the movie or to the keyframe that is closest to it?
      2) Since I can only change the playheadtime in seconds, I could do some math using the frame rate and seek to that number. However, this could potentially cause some precision problems and end up not taking me to the particular frame.
      3) I need to be able to access specific frames in the video (the runtime cost doesn't matter). Is that possible in flex?

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          I am having the same problem with video in Flex. Doing some research, I came to the conclusion that Flex can only jump to Key Frames in your video. If you want to be able to navigate frame by frame you need to compress your video with a Key Frame on every frame. This is why when you tell the videoDisplay.playheadTime to equal some number it will jump to the closest Key Frame. This presents a problem because with a Key Frame on every frame you are essentially not compressing your video at all. This is very bad for people who need videos to play frame by frame and have them compressed to fit on limited space. Does anyone know if there is a fix for this or a workaround that will give me frame by frame navigation?

          Kevin Seldomridge