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    Use Libraries independantly of Creative Cloud App


      I  have Photoshop CC 2017 (Version: 2017.0.1 20161130.r.29 2016/11/30:23:00:00 CL 1099099  x64) as I am taking a university Photoshop class.  I have been working on a collage of sorts of a project and have been using smart objects via the Creative Cloud Library using assets that are my own, from digital scans.  I took my .psd to school today to  do some final edits before turning the project in and apparently the school Macs have the entire Adobe suite but they have uninstalled the Creative Cloud app because of some network vulnerabilities.  This means I have ZERO access to any of the assets that I have been using and saving via Creative Cloud libraries.  I have managed for the teacher to allow me to complete the project at home and turn it in tomorrow but that still wont solve the problem in future projects.


      So big question


      #1, Can I export the library assets to a removable drive for use at school?


      #2 Can I use those exported files in Photoshop at school without Creative Cloud app being installed?


      #3 If the answer is no to either of these questions, any solutions to being able to use smart objects across all of my documents but not us "Library" at all?