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    Photoshop overheats Surface Pro 4


      I just bought a new Surface Pro 4 about two weeks ago. I am a digital artist and I use Photoshop CC on a daily basis, so it is essential that it works efficiently. Since the first day I've gotten this computer, the fans go full speed almost IMMEDIATELY after I open Photoshop and begin doing any function in it. The computer gets burning hot very quickly.

      If I let this go on long enough, it completely freezes the computer (I am not one hundred percent sure this is the cause, but I'm pretty sure).

      I am not tech savvy so any answer would be highly appreciated.

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            Hi, i have the same problem.

            I use Photoshop on my Surface Pro 4 (bought in January 2016). For a few weeks/months now, when i launch Photoshop 2017, the laptop overheats, the fans are going nuts, etc.

            The program doesn't usually crash or freeze, so no error message.


            To answer your questions :

            • I have Photoshop 2017.1.1
            • Subscription to Creative Cloud active for 2 or 3 years.
            • Windows 10 Creators Update, 64 bits (1703 build 15063.296, not Insider)
            • Surface Pro 4, intel Core i5-6300U CPU, 8Go of RAM
            • I'm loggued in with a MS Account and the computer is linked to my Azure Active Directory at work.


            When i launch Photoshop, it takes between 15 to 25 sec to boot Photoshop up to the new welcome screen (with recent files, CC files, Open & New option). This is not the problem here.

            But when i'm on this screen, the program uses at minimun 650Mo of RAM memory and the fans & heats are burning the computer.

            And when i launch a new image (blank 600*400 px), it rises to 900Mo/1Go of RAM.


            The processor is at a normal rate. High during launch (between 25 & 55%) but goes back down to 0/1/2% after.


            Is it the normal behavior of Photoshop, please ?


            Thanks for your help.

            Have a nice day.