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    PS won't resave file, says too big, but I didn't change the size.


      Here's something odd...I just opened a file and changed the physical dimensions (smaller) without resampling. I changed nothing else. I tried to save that one change back to the original PSD file I got (after many minutes) the dreaded prompt saying it was too big to save. But it wasn't too big to save when I saved it originally, obviously! The file was created/saved in Creative Suite 5; the resaving attempt just now was in Creative Cloud. Should that make a difference?

      So I resaved it as a TIFF. I have just checked the sizes of the original PSD and the new TIFF. Pixel dimensions are identical, as they should be. No layers added, bit depth not changed, etc. But the original PSD shows up in the thumbnail summary as 2.06 GB. The TIFF is 3.37 GB. Same file. What gives? And can anyone explain why PS, after all this time, is unable to know at the beginning of the save that the file will be too big? How can it not know the complete file size?