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    How to use VBA to obtain advanced file properties?

    engJD Level 1

      I have searched a lot on this and can't find an answer.  Using CreateObject("AcroExch.PDDoc") I can currently obtain .Getfilename, .getNumPages, .Getpagemode, .Getinfo("title"), .getinfo("Creator"), .getinfo("producer") and others.  However, I would like to get the file location of the document that is opened.  I am trying to use .Getinfo("Location") but am not having any luck.  The area in the PDF I am trying to target is seen by going to File>Properties>Description Tab.  At the bottom of the description tab is an area for advanced that has "PDF Producer", "PDF Version", "Location", "File Size" and "Page Size".  This is the Location I want to reference in VBA but it will not pull in the value seen in the PDF document.  The reason I need to do this is because the software creating the PDF randomly assigns file names and locations within my temporary Internet Files folder and I can't consistently target the full PDF file path to finish out what I am doing in VBA. White the PDF is open i want to get the file name and location and save it somewhere else and extract information out of the document. What am I doing wrong? Should I be using another object type or am I not using .getinfo("location") correctly? Any other ideas to execute this?  Thank you!