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    Problems starting Adobe Photoshop cc (2017)



      Just installed Photoshop CC (2017) to my windows 10 pc and as soon as i open it a box pops up saying that windows is trying to find a solution to open this application then also say that there is no solution to open it and no way to trouble shoot this problem.


      All help will be appreciated as i need this fixed tonight finish off some last touches of an assignment.

      Thanks Shaun

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          davescm Adobe Community Professional

          Hi Shaun

          Open the Windows reliability monitor (type reliability into the Windows search box).

          On the timeline look for a red cross at the time of the crash and click on it.

          You will see a list of critical events

          Click on the Photoshop critical event and you will open a crash report.

          Paste it here.


          Note : If the faulting module is Lavasoft then uninstall Web-Companion / Adaware which is known to have a conflict with Photoshop



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