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    PhoneGap Build: can't build any projects - Error: "Oh geez. Your build failed..."


      I am not able to build any of my projects uploaded to PhoneGap Build. Even if I try to build any of my previous projects, or uploading a new project - they all fail with the same error. And the log only present the date that the project was built and nothing else.

      Error: Oh geez. Your build failed. Click the "Log" button above to view the compile log. If you need help diagnosing the issue, you can post to the support forum with your App ID (please do a search first).


      Log: Build Date: 2017-03-30 10:01:40 +0000

      Example app id: 2316964


      Have tried different cli-versions (6.5.0, 6.4.0, 6.3.0), and both ios and android builds are failing.

      Is the build service currently disabled, or is it possibly related to my account?