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    Duplicating HTML Objects/Animated Text?

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      I am new to this so apologies if the title makes no sense! Basically I created some animated text using Adobe Animate CC, and I want to implement it into Adobe Muse. However, I want to be able to duplicate this animation, but at the same time I want to be able to edit the text in the code for each individual duplication. I have figured out how to do this for a single animation and import it into Muse by publishing the Animate file and including the JavaScript and HTML files in the export, then copying the HTML file into a HTML Object in Muse, and then when I export the HTML from Muse I can change the text in the .js file so that whenever I reload the .html file the text is updated, without having to go back into Adobe Animate to change it. Now this is all great but when I try and duplicate the HTML Object in Muse, it doesn't show the duplications in the browser when I view the exported HTML.


      SO basically all I want to do is to be able to animate some text in whatever program (whether that be After Effects or Animate for example), I then want to be able to duplicate it across the page in Muse, and I would like to be able to alter the text for each animation individually in the code. I have basically no coding knowledge, and the way we want the workflow to work we would be doing as little coding as possible ourselves, so if there is a workaround without having to write too much code then that would be great! I may just be missing something and there may be a completely simple way to do this, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!